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Congestion Relief & Pier Pass

Marine terminal operators at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports created a not-for-profit company, PierPASS, Inc. in 2005 to operate the OffPeak program. OffPeak has reduced congestion in and around the ports by shifting truck traffic out of peak daytime driving hours. All international container terminals in the two ports offer additional shifts during the week to deliver and receive containers. As an incentive to use the OffPeak shifts and to cover the added cost of the shifts, a Traffic Mitigation Fee is required for most cargo movement during peak hours.

PierPASS was immediately successful -- shifting 30 to 35 percent of all marine terminal gate activity to nights and weekends within the first six months of operations. By July 2008, OffPeak diverted more than nine million truck trips from peak daytime traffic. On average, 68,000 truck trips—or about 40% of all container moves—occur during the new shifts. Without the OffPeak program, most of these trips would shift back into peak daytime traffic, causing heavy congestion on highways approaching the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and increasing local air pollution. For more information regarding PierPass, please visit

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