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The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) is an independent, not-for-profit association focused on global trade.

Did you know?

Ships are four times more efficient than rail and eleven times more efficient than trucks.

As the result of voluntary and cooperative efforts by the ports and terminal operators, PMSA has reduced particulate emissions by more than 40%.

Environmental Programs

PMSA's environmental program works to both preserve the environment and promote economic benefits for the people of California and Washington.

  • PMSA members are investing billions of dollars in new ocean-going vessels outfitted with the latest technology that keeps them well above federal and international environmental standards
  • The use of shore-side electric power, or “cold ironing,” virtually eliminates emissions while ships are at berth
  • Electric cranes and retrofitted engines lower emissions at terminals
  • On-dock rail makes it possible to load cargo directly onto trains, reducing truck trips and emissions
  • Some PMSA members load cargo onto trucks at nights and on weekends to reduce time idling in traffic
  • PMSA members have retrofitted the majority of cargo-handling equipment with diesel oxidation catalysts in conjunction with ultra low-sulfur diesel, a cleaner fuel that greatly reduces soot and nitrogen oxide (NOx)

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