The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) is an independent, not-for-profit association focused on global trade.

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The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) is an independent, not-for-profit association focused on global trade. PMSA operates offices in Oakland, Long Beach and Seattle, and represents owners and operators of marine terminals and U.S. and foreign vessels operating throughout the world.

On behalf of its members, PMSA engages in community affairs and legislative and regulatory affairs in California and Washington state.  PMSA provides members with information services, including regular updates on matters of interest to the shipping industry.  It also serves as a clearinghouse for environmental practices across the industry.

The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) is an independent, not-for-profit association focused on global trade.

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2017 PMSA Annual Luncheon feat. John Wolfe

PMSA will be hosting its Annual Luncheon on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, CA. Our Keynote Speaker will be John Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer of the Northwest Seaport Alliance.  Proceeds from the luncheon will go to the PMSA Foundation. To register, click here.

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PMSA Press Releases

3/16/17 - PMSA Container Dwell Time Study February

1/25/17 - PMSA Container Dwell Time Study December

1/3/17 - PMSA Container Dwell Time Study November

12/12/16 - PMSA Container Dwell Time Study October

11/17/16 - PMSA Container Dwell Time Study

9/23/16 - Alvarenga Joins Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

5/31/16 - Maritime Environmental and Logistics Expert Joins PMSA as Vice President

2/29/16 - What the Largest Container Ship to Visit Seattle Means to the Region

12/17/15 - PMSA Sustainable Freight Strategy Impact Study

10/12/15 - Seaport Infrastructure Financing Districts Created in California

9/11/15 - State Senate Refuses to Grant San Francisco Bar Pilots Big Pay Increases

8/4/15 - PMSA Statement on Northwest Seaport Alliance

7/17/15 - PMSA Applauds Gov. Brown's Executive Order on Directing Creation of Integrated Freight Action Plan

5/19/15 - PMSA's Mike Moore Recognized For Maritime Safety Contributions

4/17/15 - PMSA Headquarters Moving to Oakland, CA on May 1, 2015

10/13/14 - The Tacoma-Seattle port alliance: More challenges still ahead

4/30/14 - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti seeks cooperation with Long Beach on port issues

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PMSA Blog Corner

Approach Port Metrics with Caution
Journal of Commerce
August 2, 2016
By John McLaurin

Mark Szakonyi, executive editor of, recently wrote a thoughtful piece about the issue of port metrics, a topic that generates a lot of controversy and strong feelings. One comment by Szakonyi in his piece that particularly resonated with me was his observation that recent opposition to port metrics "... smacks of an industry afraid to turn a critical eye on itself, and happy to keep finger-pointing." I agree with Szakonyi.
Across multiple efforts and regardless of whether you call it port metrics, port productivity or port efficiency, a common factor among many of these efforts is the ongoing "finger-pointing,” even after months of discussion between stakeholders. Ironically, individual entities like ocean carriers, marine terminals, trucking companies, railroads and distribution centers use various metrics — but not as a system.

The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, for example, is in the process of developing container dwell time data for Southern California marine terminals that will be provided to port authorities and other interested parties. Additionally, individual member companies of PMSA along with PMSA staff are participating in various port metric efforts at a national, state and local level.

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