Marine Mammal Protection

PMSA, in collaboration with NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service and the National Marine Sanctuaries, has produced an educational poster for identification and reporting of whales on the Pacific Coast. The poster is intended for placement on commercial ships, but can be used by anyone interested in spotting and reporting whale sightings. Copies of the poster are available from PMSA for placement on ships.

This poster is available for downloading as an 10mb Adobe Acrobat file; suitable for professional printing. The file can be resized as needed, however the content is proprietary and may not be edited or changed without prior permission from the PMSA.

PMSA members participate in Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies Vessel Speed Reduction Program every year. The Vessel Speed Reduction incentive program is a voluntary program where vessel operators slow down to a speed of 10 knots or less, which reduces air pollution,  fatal strikes on endangered whales, and ocean noise. In 2021, eighteen shipping companies slowed to protect blue whales and blue skies, cutting over 700 tons of smog-forming emissions. 

Three award tiers recognize participating companies based on the percent of distance their fleet traveled through the VSR zones at speeds of 10 knots or less. Companies that performed at the top two levels were awarded a financial incentive. In 2021, seven companies generously declined their financial incentive payment – those funds will be reinvested in the program.